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HELIOS V Team Project 

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HELIOS V is a High Altitude Student Platform payload that flew this September. Its mission was to track and capture images of the Sun from the stratosphere to test an alternate way to complete solar observation. 

Student Highlight

Wesley Perkins

Wesley Perkins

Wesley Perkins is a 2nd year student at Arapahoe Community College, pursuing an associates degree.  He plans to transfer to CU Boulder where he will earn a degree in either electrical or aerospace engineering.  Wesley is currently the project manager for the COSGC statewide Solar Eclipse payload effort, in addition to co-leading the ACC balloon payload and autonomous robotics projects.  Wesley has completed 2 balloon payloads, an autonomous robot, and was on the combined Colorado Community College sounding rocket payload team that launched in June 2016.  He would love to get an advanced degree, but will jump directly into industry if he finds the right opportunity once his bachelors is complete.

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