Current Projects

  • PolarCube - A CubeSat which will explore climate change, especially in arctic regions, and around out planet
  • Ground Station and Ground Segment - VHF/UHF satellite tracking communication station.  Working to develop a S-Band capability. Developing the infrastructure to support multiple missions.
  • HASP - A payload going to 120,000ft to explore the Sun. Launching around September, 1 2016
  • RocketSat 10 - Material Science in Microgravity on a Sounding Rocket flight. RocketSat-11 starting in Fall 2016
  • Robotics - COSGC's Robotics Challenge.  CU Boulder may have a team starting in Spring 2016.
  • Lab Team - A team to build resources for Space Grant Projects and educational resources for the State.


Previous Projects