Microgravity Separation System Demonstration

Our mission:

This mission is to provide video and numerical proof of a successful separation between the Light band adapter bracket and the kinematic mounting system which will be used on the DANDE spacecraft.

This picture shows the flight path of the C-9 aircraft. It indicates the portions of
zero-G at the top of each parabola.




How do you experience zero gravity?

It is possible to experience zero gravity using NASA's specially modified C-9 aircraft. The airplane produces weightlessness by flying in a parabolic flight path. This is similar to the path of an object in free fall such as a baseball being thrown. As a result, the airplane does not push against any object inside of the plane, so everything inside the airplane feels as if it is weightless.

Meet the team!

The team consisted of 5 members. Four students attend the University of Colorado at Boulder, while the fifth is a student at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.

Here the team poses next to their experiment onboard the C-9 aircraft.


In order to share our experience of flying on the C-9 microgravity airplane the DANDE team has participated in multiple outreach opportunities.  The team visits schools along the front range to share their experiences working on an engineering project and also providing some guidance about how others can take part in similar projects.

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