2013 DemoSat Schedule:

The schedule below is preliminary and all dates are subject to change.  Reviews may be set up any time during the proposed week.  Bernadette will communicate directly with the Affiliate Director or Team Lead to schedule:

Event Spring 2014 Summer 2014*
Kickoff Telecon January 17 May 19
Preliminary Design Review        February 17-21
June 2-6
Critical Design Review March 17-21 June 23-27
Launch Readiness Review  April 7-11    July 28-31
LAUNCH! April 12 August 2
 Final Reports Due
May 5 August 12

 * Summer 2014 schedule preliminary only (subject to change)

Design Reviews

Design and readiness reviews are a universal part of the engineering process, and the DemoSat program will follow standard industry practices in this regard. All reviews will take place via telecons. Electronic copies will be due to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , by midnight mountain time the day before.  Templates can be found here.