Past Missions by School and Project

Year/Semester Institution Mission Type of Document
2017 Spring  CSM Effects of Radiation on Algae at Higher Altitudes  Final Report 
 2017 Spring PPCC Cost Efficient Air Sampling System  Final Report 
 2017 Spring PPCC Effects of Near-Space Environment Condition on Vigna Radiata Seeds Final Report
 2017 Spring ACC Solar Tracking Spectrometer  Final Report 
2016 Fall CSM Basalt as Radiation Shielding Final Report
2016 Fall CSM Solar Radiation Shielding Ability of Lunar Regolith Simulant Final Report
 2016 Fall ACC  High-precision Single-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer Final Report
 2016 Fall PCC Tardigrades and Fermentation Yeast Final Report
2016 Fall PCC Silicon Solar Panel Spectrum Filters in the Stratosphere Final Report
2016 Fall UNC High Altitude Ionizing Radiation Final Report
2016 Summer CSU Ozone Concentration in Various Altitudes of the Atmosphere Final Report
2016 Summer CSU Environmental Conditions and the Speed of Sound Final Report
2016 Summer PPCC Effects of Radiation and Near Space Travel on the Bacterial Genome Final Report
2016 Summer PPCC Hydrogen Sensor & General Sensor Package Final Report
2016 Spring CCD General Sensor Package Final Report
2016 Spring ACC Observing the Solar Spectrum via High Altitude Balloon Final Report
2016 Spring UNC Sounding Rocket Reentry Probe System Test Final Report
 2016 Spring  CSM Regolith Simulant As Radiation Shielding Final Report
2016 Spring  UNC Modular Payload Design and Radiation Flux with Altitude Final Report
2016 Spring RRCC The Effects of Near Space Conditions on Plasmid DNA Final Report
2015 Fall Aims CC CO2 Exploration Final Report
2015 Fall Aims CC Lander Final Report
 2015 Fall  ACC Mechanical System Test for High Altitude Microbial Sample Gathering Final Report
2015 Fall CCD Basic Sensor Payload Final Report
2015 Summer RRCC Microbial Exposure to Extreme Environments Research Poster
2015 Summer UNC Effects of Cosmic Radiation on DNA and Quantum Dots Final Report
 2015 Spring TSJC Klebsiella Pneumoniae/Staphylococcus Areus in Extreme Environment LRR Slides
2015 Spring RRCC Extremophilic Organisms Under Transient Stress LRR Slides
2015 Spring UNC Exposing Nanofibers to Increased Radiation Flux Final Report Slides
2015 Spring PPCC Radio Downlink During Flight, Magnetic Radiation Shielding Final Report
2015 Spring PPCC Melanin as a Barrier to Radiation, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Final Report
2015 Spring CSM Cosmic Radiation Exploration Final Report
2015 Spring ACC Cosmic Radiation Observation Geiger Tube, Cloud Chamber, & Dosimeter Final Report
2015 Spring CCD General Environmental Sensor Package and Refined Air Sample Final Report
2014 Fall CU Use of Raspberry Pi Camera Module for Balloon Payloads Final Report
 2014 Fall CCD  General Environmental Sensor Package and Air Sample Final Report
2014 Fall CSM High Altitude Cosmic Ray Detection Final Report
2014 Summer PPCC Multiple Sensor Package Final Report
 2014 Summer CSU  Vertical CO2 Profile Final Report Slides
2014 Summer UNC Muon Flux vs. Altitude Final Report
2014 Spring WSCU E. coli in Near Space Final Report
2014 Spring CSM Albedo Measurements Final Report
2013 Fall
FLC Payload Monitoring System LRR Slides
2013 Fall
CCD Revised Flight Computer Design & FM Radio Experiment LRR Slides
2013 Fall
CSU Cosmic Radiation & Soft Errors in SRAM and Flash Memory LRR Slides
2013 Sum
CCA Electric Field Mill
 LRR Slides
2013 Sum
Air Sample & Zebra Fish Embryos
 LRR Slides  
2013 Sum
Resistivity of Air vs. Altitude
 CDR Slides
2013 Sum CSU Cosmic Radiation & Soft Errors in SRAM and Flash Memory CDR Slides
2013 Spr CSM Weather Sensor Package  Final Report
2013 Spr CU Miniature Camera Testing in Support of PolarCube CubeSat Mission CDR Slides
2011 Spr PPCC Ionizing Radiation and Effects on Various Bio-samples  Final Report  
2010 CCA Collection of Particles in the Upper Atmosphere  Final Report
2010 CSU Collection of Solar and Wind Energy As Altitude Increases Final Report
2010 FLC Cosmic Radiation Exploration  Final Report  
2010 UNC Solar Spectrometer LRR Slides
2010 UNC RoverSat  LRR Slides
2009 Sum CSU Solar Panel Testing LRR Slides
2009 Sum FLC Video of Flight & Infrared and UV Intensity vs. Altitude  Final Report  
2009 Spr MSUD General Sensor Package and Imaging System CDR Slides  
2009 Spr UNC Sustainable Materials for Use in BalloonSat Payload CDR Slides  
2005 Sum CSU Autonomous Rover  Final Report  
2005 Sum CSU Solar and Microbiology Satellite  Final Report  
2005 Sum CU Autonomous Rover   Final Report  
2005 Sum Mesa Real Time Telemetry During Flight  Final Report  
2005 Sum MSCD Autonomous Rover  Final Report  
2005 Sum CSM Soil Sample of Landing Site Final Report
2005 Sum PPCC Stabilized Camera System  Final Report  
2005 Sum CSU-Pueblo Autonomous Rover  Final Report 
2005 Sum UCCS Atmospheric Particle Sampler  Final Report  
2005 Sum UNC Upper Atmospheric Imager  Final Report  
2005 Sum WSC Ozone Detection  Final Report  
2004 Sum CU Engineering Demostration of DINO Satellite Systems  CDR Slides
2004 Sum CSM Imaging Landing Site During Descent  CDR Slides
2004 Sum CSU Communication During Flight & Deployment of Rover Upon Landing  CDR Slides
2004 Sum CSU-Pueblo Atmospheric Data, Magnetic Field Exploration & Data Collection Test  CDR Slides
2004 Sum Mesa Atmospheric Readings and Imaging During Flight  CDR Slides
2004 Sum MSCD Autonomous Rover  CDR Slides
2004 Sum PPCC Soil Sample of Landing Site  CDR Slides
2004 Sum UCCS Autonomous Rover  CDR Slides
2004 Sum UNC Cosmic Radiation Experiment  CDR Slides
2004 Sum WSCD Vertical Profiling of Atmospheric Ozone  CDR Slides