NASA's Colorado Space Grant Consortium Presents:

The Robotics and BalloonSat Workshop



The 2014 Robotics Challenge will be held on Saturday April 5th, 2014 at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Many DemoSat Launches in 2014.




The Colorado Space Grant program provides a few workshops every year to help teams build a foundation of knowledge and skills upon which to build their robots or near space exploration projects. The Workshop covers the basics of soldering, programming and using sensors and effectors. Participants will learn about and program an Arduino microcontroller to control a robot and demonstrate some basic navigation and obstacle avoidance. Additionally a BalloonSat track will be offered. This opportunity is open to Space Grant students from member COSGC institutions.

The next Robotics and BalloonSat Workshop will at CU Boulder on Saturday Jan 25th, 2014.  Final details will be sent to those who register for the workshop.  This is a beginner course. No previous soldering knowledge, robotics or Ballooning experience is needed. 

Pictures from the October 2013 workshop show a bit of what will be covered to give an idea of the day.  It will be very hands on.

Students and Advisors are welcome to register by Jan 16th, 2014 (Registration now Closed as of 1/22):
Robotics Workshop Jan 25th Registration


Part Kits:

SparkFun Robotics Kit includes the major parts needed to build your robot.  Other hook up wires and tools commonly found around the lab are also needed.

Basics of the workshop:
When: Saturday Jan 25th, 2014.  7:30am arrival.  Light breakfast served. We will start at 8am sharp. Workshop will conclude at  4:30pm.  Pizza Lunch will be provided.
Where: CU Boulder Campus, Discovery Learning Center main conference room, 1B50.

What you need to do for the workshop.
1. If you have a kit, bring it. Some teams were able to get sponsored kits through their institutions and they will be at the workshop for your team to pick up.

2.  Each team of 2-3 students must bring their own laptop with a USB A/B cable. Please install and confirm that the Arduino software is working on your PC or Mac computer.  You MUST install the Arduino Software on your PC or Mac (no Linux machines please) at a minimum. If you have access to an Arduino, complete the full checkout of programming the Arduino (follow the below link for the directions).  If you don't have an Arduino, don't worry. When you arrive we will help you confirm that your laptop is able to program an Arduino before the start of the workshop.  Select PC or Mac software to install on your laptop from the link directly below and follow the install steps.

Instructions for Loading Arduino on your computer

 3. Download this Zip package, unzip it and save it to your desktop or an easy place for you to find it.   Additionally we may reference these Individual Files during the course of the workshop.  No need to download the reference files, just the zip file for now.




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