Edited footage captured by a 360 camera on a payload built by students at Community College of Denver of the November 9th high altitude balloon flight of the COSGC DemoSat program: https://youtu.be/yd-E0EWADI0



Student Highlight

Stacie Barbarick

 Under the Hood.JPG

Stacie Barbarick is a second year student at Red Rocks Community College.  She is currently working as the Co-Project Manager on the Community Colleges of Colorado RocketSat-X mission (sounding rocket payload).  Stacie worked on the previous CCofCO mission, contributing to payload build and testing. Ultimately, Stacie plans to earn a bachelors in aerospace engineering and an advanced degree working on advanced materials optimization.

Welcome to the Colorado Space Grant Consortium

The COSGC is funded by NASA and is a state-wide organization involving 21 colleges, universities and institutions around Colorado. Our organization provides Colorado post-secondary students access to space through innovative courses and NASA-aligned, real-world, hands-on projects..

We welcome all students and are always looking for way to enhance their experience through new interactions and collaborations with NASA, government agencies, and companies.