Edited footage captured by a 360 camera on a payload built by students at Community College of Denver of the November 9th high altitude balloon flight of the COSGC DemoSat program: https://youtu.be/yd-E0EWADI0



Student Highlight

Natalie Alvarado


Natalie Alvarado is a sophomore in Environmental Engineering at CU Boulder. She is currently the Project Manager of CU Wearables Quest team, which is designing a wearable to non-invasively monitor stress by obtaining cortisol levels. While this is her first COSGC project, she is hoping to continue using her unique major to contribute to other projects in the future. Natalie's career goal is to become an Environmental Engineer that works on space-related projects. She hopes to incorporate her environmental education and skills into space studies!

COSGC Virtual Balloon Payload Skill Building Modules
(must be COSGC affiliate to participate)

These modules will guide you through the skill-building activities of a balloon payload workshop.

If you have any questions or run into problems as you build, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In order to launch your payload with the COSGC fall 2022 flight, you must have completed the payload build by October 22, 2022 & sign up for a Flight Readiness Review (10/25, 10/26, or 10/28).  Launch day is November 5, 2022 (location TBD).

Modules are designed to be completed at your own pace.

To stay on-track for launch, this is a suggested timeline:

  • Modules 1,2, & A: completed by September 26
  • Modules 3-5 completed by October 10
  • Module 6 & B completed by October 22


 Sequenced Modules - Must be completed in Order:  

1) Soldering 101

2) Arduino Introduction

3) Sensors Part 1

4) Sensors Part 2 (Final Code Download)

5) Structures / System Integration

 Download slides if you'd like:  Arduino Intro   Soldering 101    Sensors Part 1    Sensors Part 2

Stand Alone Modules - Can be completed at any time

A) The Design Process    [For Information Only]

B) Testing

Supporting Information

a) Introduction to Electricity and Circuits

b) Introduction to Earth's Atmosphere

c) How to use a multimeter




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