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Citizen Explorer 1 Project Overview


is a small satellite mission by the Colorado Space Grant College. It is designed to provide:

  • environmental and space education for K-12 students
  • significant experimentation for the scientific community
  • real-world experience for undergraduate and graduate student engineers and scientists

During its misssion, the project will bring K-12 students as the ground observers and the virtual mission operators. By doing so, Citizen Explorer mission brings the excitement of space into the K-12 classroom, at the same time opens up a new possibility in satellite operations. Students from all disciplines, elementary education through aerospace engineering, are working between busy class schedules to make this project comes to life.

The first of the CX series, CX-1 satellite is currently awaiting a launch date. CX-1 has a preliminary mission life of about one year. During this time students from around the world will be given the opportunity to be a part of a spaceflight mission and help expand our knowledge of the world.