Science Objectives

In reflection of its primary science mission, the project is named after Hermes, the Greek messenger god. One overwhelming deficiency with CubeSats that have been launched to date is the low data-rate of their communication systems. While current systems work fine for the uplink of commands to the satellite and the downlink of basic health and status information, it is not possible to downlink large quantities of data, such as that associated with imaging or high-data science experiments.  Hermes plans to improve CubeSat communications through the on-orbit testing of a high data-rate communication system that will allow the downlink of large quantities of data, making CubeSat imaging or high-data quantity science easily feasible.

Another objective of the project is to create a reproducible and extensible spacecraft bus in the support of future missions. This will allow future CoSGC CubeSat teams to focus more on the science aspects of low-earth orbit spaceflight, rather than the logistics of designing a spacecraft.

Similarly, the final specified mission objective is to characterize the typical CubeSat environment. This will occur through the gathering of temperature and magnetic field data throughout the flight.


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