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Developing NASA's Future Workforce through
Student Demonstrations of NASA's Advanced Technologies



NASA Advisors

The preferred communication method with the NASA advisors is through email.  Please include DemoSat II in the subject.

NASA Center

  Name Email Phone Number

Jet Propulsion Laboratory   Steve Chien 818-393-5320


    Robert Shotwell 818-354-6969
      Rob Sherwood  
      Joel Rademacher 818-354-6740
      Brad Clement 818-393-4729
      E. Jay Wyatt 818-354-1414
      Danny Tran  
      Caroline Chouinard  
      Colette Wilklow  
      Steve Matousek 818-354-6689

Ames Research Center   Anthony Colaprete

Kennedy Space Center   Michael Freeman


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Colorado Space Grant 

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