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Colorado Space Grant Outreach

University of Colorado

Discovery Learning Center

520 UCB

Boulder, CO 80309




Phone: (303) 492-3704



University of Colorado at Boulder Programs:

Fiske Planetarium: On the CU Boulder campus. They have several events every week, including laser shows and star talks. When MESA students come tour Space Grant, they end their day here.

Integrated Teaching and Learning (ITLL) Program: Space Grant's affiliate and next-door neighbor here at the CU Boulder Engineering Center. Contains lots of great resources for K-12 engineering activities including TeachEngineering.com, a digital library of standard-based curricula for use in science and math classrooms.

CU 4 K12: A searchable database containing educator resources (covering all subject areas) at CU Boulder.

CU Upward Bound: A great way for  students from disadvantaged backgrounds to get a leg up in high school and college classes during the summer. Space Grant teaches a class on Nanosatellites, and we always have a blast!

High School Honors Institute: The High School Honors Institute is an intensive and exciting 4-day campus residential program that introduces the creative nature of engineering to students with strong academic records  in math and science and who are interested in cultivating their creativity to solve problems. High school juniors and seniors have an opportunity to experience college life as an engineering student by attending sessions of two engineering majors, participating in curricular and extra-curricular activities, and exploring career opportunities.


Colorado Community & K-12 Programs

St. Vrain Valley MESA: COSGC's primary outreach program during the school year. You see us mentioned in their newsbox every so often.

Expanding Your Horizons: Nationwide program that encourages young women in grades 6-12 to pursue math and science.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science: The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is the Rocky Mountain region's leading resource for informal science education.  A variety of exhibitions, program, and activities help Museum visitors experience the natural wonders of Colorado, Earth, and the universe.  We like to take our students there when we get the opportunity!


Educational Space Websites:

NASA's home page: A great place to go if you're looking for the latest in space exploration and research, space-related images, or activities.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Beautiful astronomy images; a different one each day! Includes educational links.

CINDI in Space Comic Book: Manga-style comic book detailing the adventures of the science instrument CINDI aboard the C/NOFS satellite, and her quest to record information about the Earth's ionosphere! A fun way to explain a relatively complex science mission in easy-to-understand terms. Produced by the University of Texas Dallas and NASA.


Space News:

What happened to Pluto?
The International Astronomical Union, wrapping up its meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, has resolved one of the most hotly-debated topics in the cosmos by approving a specific definition that gives our solar system eight planets, instead of the nine most of us grew up memorizing.  Pluto is no longer a planet.  For more information visit NASA's website.

What is a planet?
The discovery of a number of large objects in the outer solar system has sparked the debate about what the precise definition of a "planet" should be. Should they be restricted to the nine that everyone knows and loves? Could we come up with a definition based off of size or shape? The International Astronomical Union is deciding right now!

Mike Brown's Website: Astronomer at Caltech who helped discover many of these potential planets. His website has links to information about each one, plus the specifics of the planet debate.

Universe Today: One space enthusiasts' website.  Contains recent space news and other space related information and articles.


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