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Colorado Space Grant Outreach

University of Colorado

Discovery Learning Center

520 UCB

Boulder, CO 80309




Phone: (303) 492-3704



COSGC Interactive Tour
When you visit Colorado Space Grant labs at the University of Colorado we can give you a personalized tour based on you students grade level.  The interactive tour is a hands-on tour that is perfect for grades 2-7 but can be modified for younger students!  For High School students we recommend an informative tour which includes talks and demonstrations by current Space Grant students.


A battery works by forcing electrons to travel on a specific path, allowing them to give power.  At this station you can see how much voltage you carry!


Digital pictures consists of tiny squares of information called picture elements, or pixels.  At this station you can build a digital picture using pixel blocks.


A circuit is an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow.  At this station students learn about circuits through hands-on lessons by building simple series and parallel circuits.


The computer is the brain of the satellite.  It sends and receives data, controls all of the satellite's systems, and communicates with Earth.  At this station you can explore binary code and decode secret messages.


The environment of space is nothing like the environment on Earth's surface.  When astronauts go into space they must deal with microgravity, extreme temperatures, radiation, and changes in pressure.  At this station students get to experience and see how the space environment changes everyday things.


Like batteries, solar panels provide power to keep satellites working.  At this station you can test different light bulbs on a solar powered car.  See which light bulb makes the car go farthest.


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