Fall 2010 Homework

HW #1:  Resume

HW #2:  BalloonSats

HW #3:  Teams

HW #4:  Hardware Order Forms

Complete by hand and bring to ATP Appointments

HW #5:  Heater Part 1 and Part 2

HW #6: Systems Engineering

HW #7:  Journal and Book Report

HW #8: Cover Letter, Resume, & Expectations

All homework should be submitted via email to 


Please follow naming conventions:
DUE by class time unless otherwise stated above. Items submitted after class begins or past the specified time, will be late and subject to grade penalty. Files larger than 20 MB must be turned in to Chris before the deadline on a USB drive or CD-ROM.

All Subject lines of each email submitted for this class must follow the naming convention below:
Homework =
HW XX Lastname Firstinitial Example = HW 01 Armstrong N (Attachments shall be in MS Word (2003) format)
Failure to use this naming convention will result in your email be deleted by a SPAM filter and may result in no credit or late penalties.
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