Learning to Crawl

A How To Workshop


June 20 - 22, 2002

Boulder, Colorado

The picture above is from the Nevada team.

These links are to the 20 teams that flew BalloonSat's.  More pictures are coming.  Not everyone's BalloonSat took pictures.  However, if your local developer says their were no pictures, ask to see the negatives.  On the 10 rolls I developed I was told they were all blank  (If your team name is in Magenta, your pictures have been reprocessed).  In actuality, they all had some pictures, just not people pictures as they are used to seeing.  It appears that there were some fundamental flaws with the system design.  If you have pictures please send them to me and I will post them.  Also if you have any stories you would like share, please send those too.  Many people have expressed interest in how everyone's BalloonSat worked.

Two of Alabama pictures show the first Montana balloon.  Amazing!


Team Ohio



Team Teletubies TSS Team Team ANI
Team KILLU Team JVS Team Mardi Gras
Team Boricuas Team Iowa Team Humuhum...
Team TASSROP Team Alabama Team Mountain Cats
Team GMG Team SWoosH Team Nevada
Team Lewis & Clark Team EPiC  


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