Learning to Crawl

A How To Workshop


June 20 - 22, 2002

Boulder, Colorado
Greetings from Boulder, Colorado,

The Colorado Space Grant Consortium is looking forward to your arrival for the upcoming Starting Student Space Hardware Programs Workshop on June 20-22, 2002.

Many of you are now beginning to think about what to bring to this workshop or may have some questions you would like to have answered. Please feel free to contact me directly at the number below or at the CSGC main phone number 303-492-3141.

A couple of things about the workshop.

1. Dress is relaxed, remember this is a "hands-on" workshop. You may not want to get solder, glue or adhesive on your nice suit.

2. Recommended but not at all required is a laptop. If you have one, please bring it. Both days during the construction of payloads, each team will be programming sensors via a laptop. The more we have the better. PC is preferred.

3. The balloon launch on Saturday will be in rural Colorado. I can tell you the launch site is nice (pavement, running water, shelter) but the landing site can be very extreme. In all my landing expeditions and some have been expeditions, I have encountered many conditions ranging from sludge farms, denim ripping cactus plants, snow, mud, 3 foot tall native grasses, sand, get the picture. Your Saturday attire should include hiking boots or excellent walking shoes, PANTS, wind breaker or light jacket, hat, and sunscreen. As part of the conference, you will have drinks and food provided. The last landing site was 300 yards from the road but this is an exception, must landing sites are at least a mile hike in conditions described above. Please plan and pack accordingly. Please note all recovery expeditions are a lot fun. You will thoroughly enjoy it.

4. There have been several changes to the agenda since the last one posted on the website. The workshop is now starting at 8:30 on Thursday, breakfast is at 8:00. If you are planning on flying into Denver that morning, you will miss some of the introductions. I highly recommend you arrive the night before. Enclosed in this email is the latest and greatest but probably not the last agenda.

5. SUPER 8: If you are staying at the Super 8, you are a short walk (1/2 mile) to the meeting location. Currently, we plan to have someone waiting in the lobby at 7:40 AM (if you want breakfast), 8:00 AM (if you want to eat what's left) to escort you to the meeting location. They will be waiting for you right outside the Super 8 lobby. If you come after 8:00 you will have to use this map.

6. COLLEGE INN: If you are staying at the College Inn, we will have an escort at 7:30 AM and 7:50 AM waiting right outside the lobby. This walk is about the same as from the Super 8 but there is big hill to climb but nothing a like brisk walk in the Colorado morning. After 7:50 you are on your own. See map.

7. Parking on campus is hard to find and expensive. If you are planning on driving to the workshop and parking on campus, you will still have a 1/4 mile walk plus you will have to walk to the registration desk, pick up a pass, and then walk back to your car to place the permit on the rear view mirror. The parking permits are a bit pricey and if you really need to drive, please let me know as soon as possible so we can reserve your space. Bottom line, I highly recommend walking with the escorts described above.

8. My personal cell phone number is 303-378-4765 and will be on the night before the conference and during the morning of the June 20 for any questions or help.

See you soon.

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