Colorado Eclipse Leadership Team


April Beal


April Beal is a student at Red Rocks Community College. She plans to transfer to CU Boulder in the future to pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering. April has previous experience flying DemoSat (BallonSat) payloads. She is leading RRCC to design a materials study payload that will fly during the eclipse. The experiment will evaluate the effects of UV light on certain materials during flight.

Christopher Doyle

Christopher (aka Doyle) is a student at the Community College of Aurora. He is completing his final semester at CCA and is looking to transfer to CU Boulder in the fall. Doyle has flown several DemoSat (BallonSat) payloads for CCA as well as competed in the COSGC Robotics challenge. Doyle is leading students at CCA in creating an image stabilization system for the Live Video Payload. The goal of this experiment is to keep the LVP focused on the eclipse as the payload is disturbed by the heavy wind shear that is expected.

Wesley Perkins


Wesley is a student at Arapahoe Community College. He is completing his final year at ACC before transferring with an Associates of Science with a Mathematics designation to CU Boulder to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering. Along with several DemoSat (BallonSat) payloads, Wesley has worked and flown a RockSat C payload in 2016 and is competing in the COSGC Robotics challenge for a second year. Wesley is the project manager for the Colorado Eclipse Leadership Team and is also leading students at ACC in the design of a betavoltaic cell which will study the effectiveness of generating electricity from incoming beta particles from our sun.

Gabriel Walker

 Gabriel Walker

Gabriel is a Junior in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder and is also finishing up a certification in advanced manufacturing from Pickens Technical College in Aurora Colorado. He previously completed an Associates of Science at the Community College of Aurora. He has helped with COSGC’s DemoSat program and robotics challenge, the RockSat RockOn workshop and the National Solar Eclipse Workshop. Finally, he just finished presenting a space “tug” design at NASA Langley for NASA's BIG Idea Challenge where his team was one of 5 finalists.

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