Poetry Party

In an effort to commiserate with each other as we are social distancing, we invite the COSGC community to write & submit original poems - and to read what others are writing.  Poems are welcome from the the COSGC family and extended family including YOU, students, alumni, affiliate directors, faculty/industry/community mentors, family friends, peers…all ages welcome, so ask your kids, your parents, and your grandparents to write some poetry too!!

Poems can be in ANY form, such as Haiku, Limerick, Acrostic, Cinquain, Naani, Nonet, Freestyle
(see this link for examples of 10 forms): 



once there was a choice
now we are isolated
please respond in slack

- Sophie Orr (Projects Coordinator)

   community mine
   nerds geeks space fanatics
   how i miss you all

   -B Garcia Galvez (Deputy Director)

     Why are humans home?
     Noisy horde disturbs my naps.
     Fetch me fish, madam.

     - Alyssa Kallal (Educator)


     Digital heartbeat
     Anxious eyes follow along
     Go for launch, liftoff!

     - David Ferguson (alumnus)


The sun is brighter than it has ever been
The earth is silent, we can only hear wind
I notice the world standing completely still
Routine broken, all that we have is our will

We have time to think what is this all about
Sit here and do nothing or just scream and shout
Do what you can for the benefit of all
This is where we stand up tall, not where we fall

- Sorbarikor Inene (student)


Launch Readiness Review week – CANCELLATION
All teams in the process of hibernation.
Colorado students were ready to soar
with sound explorations, as well as much more 

Bio experiment and ADS-B
VR boom demo, atmospheric UV
Solar powered system and wifi in space
LunaSat testing….Symposium awaits! 

- B Garcia Galvez

An Intern's Struggle

i miss downlinking sats
overlooked for steam interview
got to finish strong

- Taylor Sitterson (student)



Magic metal glue
Electric power flowing
The light is blinking! 

- David Ferguson