About Us - History

Congress initiated the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program with the passage on October 30, 1987, of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Act. The Act - Public Law 100-147 - included such objectives as assuring the vitality of the Nation and the quality of life through the understanding, assessment, development and utilization of space resources.

NASA selected the Colorado Space Grant Consortium (COSGC) in 1989. The COSGC is headquartered at the University of Colorado at Boulder and consists of 21 Colorado colleges and universities and one foundation.

Since 1989, over 6,00 students have been directly involved in our hands-on space hardware programs. We have launched three sounding rockets (CSOAR, CSHARP, HOMER), three Space Shuttle payloads (ESCAPE, ESCAPE-II, and DATA-CHASER), four orbiting satellites (3CornerSat, Hermes, ALL-STAR, and DANDE), 16 sounding rocket payloads, 9 long-duration high altitude balloon payloads, and over 450 short-duration high altitude balloon payloads.  In addition, students work on autonomous robotics projects and engage in telescope observing research, high powered rocketry projects, NASA & Industry Challenges, and other faculty-led, space-focused research projects.  Through the COSGC EduSourcing program, students work directly with industry engineers and scientists on cutting-edge technology development and other research projects.  Many of these students are now working for NASA and the industry that supports NASA. 

COSGC is always looking for new programs and new partnerships with industry, government labs, and academia to create new opportunities for our students.