The Colorado Space Grant Consortium prepares students for the workforce of tomorrow through experiences including innovative courses, hands-on research, and public service activities.


The Colorado Space Grant Consortium's education program is focused on higher education course directed toward the incoming higher education student who is interested in learning the basics of space sciences and spacecraft design. Many of the COSGC members teach these Gateway type courses. Two specific courses are listed below. One is based at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the other is a state-wide portable course.

Gateway to Space

In addition, COSGC coordinates summer workshops to teach educators and students from around the country how to start student space hardware programs. These workshops are open to anyone. For more information on these workshops, click here.

Space Grant Robotics Workshop

Statewide Workshops 

Hands-On Research

The Colorado Space Grant Consortium's research program provides students with hands-on experience with real-world space projects. Since 1989, COSGC has launched many space missions. Currently, COSGC has several active space missions and several more coming soon. These missions range from high altitude experiments or BalloonSats, small orbiting satellites, telescopes, reduced gravity experiments. These programs and their associated project links are listed below. 

See Our Current Projects Webpage

See Our Past Projects Webpage


The Outreach team is dedicated to bringing the wonders of science and engineering into the K-12 classroom. By introducing the concepts of our satellite missions to young students, we pave the road for future engineers, scientists, and COSGC team members. In the spirit of inquiry and learning, we emphasize hands-on, experiential learning as to allow students to ask their own questions and discover their own answers. We are committed to engaging all students equally, so we make it part of our mission to focus on under-funded schools and underrepresented students.