Useful Documentation

The ALL-STAR team used these presentations during various critical reviews throughout the life of the project. To see a basic overview presentation on the project click here. (coming soon) 

  1. ALL-STAR Kick Off - November 17th 2009
  2. SRR (Systems Requirement Review) March 12th 2010
  3. CoDR (Conceptual Design Review) April 30th 2010
  4. PDR (Preliminary Design Review) July 9th 2010
  5. CSBR (Colorado Space Business Round Table) December 1st 2010
  6. CDR (Critical Design Review) January 7th 2011
  7. SIR (System Integration Review) April 19th 2013
  8. LLR (Launch Readiness Review) 


Additional Documentation

ALLSTAR/THEIA Communications Link Budget (Excel spreadsheet), October 27, 2013

ALLSTAR/PolarCube Communications Link Budget (Excel spreadsheet), November 20, 2014



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