Current Projects

  • PolarCube - A CubeSat which will explore climate change by obtaining an atmospheric temperature profile.
  • STEAM (STudent Energetic Activity Module) - A student mission on the SwRI PUNCH spacecraft.  Students will design, build, and integrate an x-ray spectrometer that will compliment the overall PUNCH science mission.  STEAM is focused on finding signatures of the coronal heating mechanisms on solar streams to be observed by PUNCH.
  • Ground Station and Ground Segment - VHF/UHF satellite tracking communication station. Developing the infrastructure to support multiple missions. This involves tracking satellites and downlinking data such as weather images.
  • Ken Souza Memorial Competition: Team ARES - Submission to the Ken Souza Memorial Student Spaceflight Research Competition - vying for a flight on a Blue Origin New Shepard Rocket, exploring the viability of antibiotic compounds in microgravity.  Also designing a balloon payload which will test sensors used in the rocket payload on a near space flight.
  • RocketSat-13: The current RocketSat project is with an industry collaborator investigating mechanisms used for solar panel deployment.
  • JANE (Joining Antarctica's Next generations of Engineers) - Working with the NSIDC designing and programming devices used for a two-year mission in Antarctica.
  • Lab Team - A team to build resources for Space Grant Projects and educational resources for Colorado.
  • Industry Collaborations - We develop industry collaborations and help place qualified students with interesting and valuable indstury positions.
  • C-Base - Developing sounding balloon capabilities at CU Boulder, collaborating with Edge of Space Sciences.  
  • Analog Space Suit Project - Partnering with faculty at CU Boulder to create an analog planetary space suit that accurately mimics the movement restriction and life support aspects of space suits with analog fidelity.


Previous Projects