Balloon Observatory for Wavelength and Spectral Emission Readings




Mission Statement:

Team BOWSER shall determine the feasibility of high altitude observatories by examining cosmic light ranging from 350 nm to 1500 nm and by conducting corresponding diurnal imaging and light intensity readings of the observed sky.  The payload will also measure platform stability in order to determine the conditions that a lighter-than-air platform would experience at HASP flight altitudes.

Launch Logistics:

BOWSER was successfully launched on September 11th, 2009 at 8:45 AM from Fort. Sumner, New Mexico.

For more information about the HASP launch, read the integration and launch operations log here.

Data and Results:

Below are both the data analysis report and presentation with complete data and results from the 2009 HASP launch.

BOWSER Preliminary Data Presentation

BOWSER Final Analysis Report