Getting involved at the University of Colorado at Boulder Space Grant Consortium

No previous experience is required.

We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic students.

NOTE: Spring 2019 Application Forms due January 20th, 2019



Students at the Colorado Robotics Challenge at the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve testing their autonomous rovers in a Mars like environment.


Students testing a student built instrument which will be flown on a CubeSat.



CubeSat Launch

Students before the laucnh of their satellite from Florida.


Space Grant offers opportunities for Freshman through Graduate students to apply what you have learned in class and give you the practical experience which will give you the skills employers need. Space Grant is a very interdisciplinary program with Electrical, Electrical and Computer, Mechanical, Computer Science and Aerospace Majors and non-engineering majors, working together on a team to accomplish a goal. All projects are student managed, constructed, tested and flown giving you the experience you can't find anywhere else. Opportunities range from populating printed circuit boards, to flying an experiment to 100,000 ft on a high altitude balloon to launching a payload to space on a sounding rocket to designing a satellite for a low earth orbit.  Positions are as volunteers, credit or paid, usually depending on time availability and experience level.  Some positions have limited eligibility, such as those imposed by federal regulations.


Minimum requirements: Some positions require specific skills or experience but many positions only require the interest to learn and become engaged in a project. Typically students can expect to commit at least 5 hours a week participating on a team and other students who have the time and desire to dig deeper into a project will do 10 or more per week during the academic semester.  Summer opportunities can go up to 40 hours.

Checkout more information about these Student Projects to get a feel for what some past projects have included.


How to get involved:

1. We will keep the positions descriptions updated as new positions are made available this semester.  See what Positions interest you from this list and fill out the below interest form. We will contact applicants as positions become available. The goal is to hold interviews the second week of the semester. If you are seeing this for the first time after this time, please fill out the Interest form and we will contact you as openings are available during the semester. Update your web browser cache if needed to see the current term descriptions.

Position Descriptions (Updated December 10, 2018)

2. Checkout the above Student Projects link for more information on specific projects. A full description might not be available yet but it should give an idea of the project's goals or of a general project goals.

3. Please fill out this application form to let us know how you want to get involved. This is the first step in our applicaiton process, where we look for students that have a passion for building their skills and a deep interest in space. Our positions are highly competitive, so pelase fill this form out with that in mind. 

Application Form -

Due January 20th to be considered for Spring 2018 Projects

4. Additional Positions may be added during the first few weeks of the semester, so check back.



Most students get involved at the beginning of the semester but some also get involved mid-semester. You must submit an interest application at the above link to be considered for a position.  If there is a possible fit, you will be asked to submit a PDF version of your resume. If you have any other questions please contact Sophie Orr and even stop by later in the semester.