Independent Study and Volunteer Positions


How to get started as a Volunteer or Independent Study Student:

  1. Talk to a Project Program Manager or otherwise join a team.
  2. Attend an Orientation session - Talk to your team lead for a time.
  3. Timesheets - You will establish this timesheet account at the Orientation Session at the begining of the semester. You are required to complete weekly timsheets.
  4. Email Lists - Sign up for the Genaral list AND your project list.
  5. Advisor meetings established - You will be contacted to sign up for a meeting time with Brian or Chris. These are typically once every four weeks. You will bring 3 assignments/tasks you hope to accoplish before the next meeting.
  6. Weekly team meetings - Talk to your team leader to determine your Project (i.e HASP) meeting time AND/OR your sub-system meeting time (i.e. C&DH on HASP).

Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program Overview



Independent Study Documents

1) COSGC Academic Policy

2) COSGC Code of Conduct

3) COSGC Progress Report Template

Final Deliverable:

5) COSGC Final Report Template OR COSGC Final Report Template for Oral Presentations


Examples Reports

These are example reports and are not necessarily A, B or C Grade level reports. Your report should adequately describe your work and give us something to discuss during the Advisor meetings. Graphs, data, future work description are great to include.

Progress Reports
Final Report
Final Report with Oral Final1.pdf