Edited footage captured by a 360 camera on a payload built by students at Community College of Denver of the November 9th high altitude balloon flight of the COSGC DemoSat program: https://youtu.be/yd-E0EWADI0



Student Highlight

Stacie Barbarick

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Stacie Barbarick is a second year student at Red Rocks Community College.  She is currently working as the Co-Project Manager on the Community Colleges of Colorado RocketSat-X mission (sounding rocket payload).  Stacie worked on the previous CCofCO mission, contributing to payload build and testing. Ultimately, Stacie plans to earn a bachelors in aerospace engineering and an advanced degree working on advanced materials optimization.

Hands-on How-to Balloon Payload Workshop 

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DemoSat3  DemoSat2 DemoSat

This workshop is going to be 3 days of fun and work!  Participants will work in teams to build a small payload that will be launched to the edge of space on the third day of the workshop.  It is designed to provide basic understanding and skills to educators at COSGC institutions, in addition to preparing student leaders at those instiutions to go back to their home campuses and do a balloon payload project in conjunction with COSGC's spring DemoSat effort.  At the workshop you will:

  • Learn basic soldering
  • Build and program an Arduino-based system to gather sensor data during flight
  • Build a robust structure to hold payload components and keep them safe in the harsh environment of near space
  • Assemble a simple heater
  • Integrate systems in a payload and complete basic testing.
  • Launch the payload; Track and recover payloads during flight; Analyze data
  • Learn about the DemoSat program and 2015 schedule
  • Learn about exciting opportunities for students including scholarships and internships taking place in summer 2015

Meeting Information: (Participants must be faculty, students, or administrators at a COSGC Institution).

Meeting Host: Colorado Space Grant Consortium at CU

Where: Discovery Learning Center, University of Colorado at Boulder main campus

Workshop Meals Provided: Breakfast & Lunch Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Lodging: Best Western Boulder Inn ( Directions to Hotel )

Agenda (Draft version 1/5/15)

Workshop Files (click here)


Important Links:

Map to Workshop

DemoSat Site

Edge of Space Sciences





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