Edited footage captured by a 360 camera on a payload built by students at Community College of Denver of the November 9th high altitude balloon flight of the COSGC DemoSat program: https://youtu.be/yd-E0EWADI0



Student Highlight

Daedalus Muse

Daedalus Muse is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business at CU Boulder. He is currently working on the Aegis Planetary Spacesuit, where he acts as both the systems engineer and a member of the helmet sub-team. He has worked on designing and manufacturing the helmet, ventilation, and communications systems of the suit. Daedalus uses his creative wit and manufacturing savvy to power through difficult builds and design challenges. He plans to look for jobs in the aerospace industry after he completes his degree.

Welcome to the Colorado Space Grant Consortium

The COSGC is funded by NASA and is a state-wide organization involving 21 colleges, universities and institutions around Colorado. Our organization provides Colorado post-secondary students access to space through innovative courses and NASA-aligned, real-world, hands-on projects..

We welcome all students and are always looking for way to enhance their experience through new interactions and collaborations with NASA, government agencies, and companies.