COSGC 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Activities


Colorado Space Grant is participating in the national Solar Eclipse Ballooning Project facilitated by Montana Space Grant.

The COSGC Solar Eclipse effort will include the launch of several student designed and built payloads.  The core team is working on the "Common Payload" designed to launch on all participating high altitude balloons across the country.  The Common Payload includes three distinct systems including 1) Video Payload - to stream live video during flight; 2) Still Payload - to gather still photos during flight; and 3) The Tracking Payload houses a NAL Iridium satellite modem which allows for near real time tracking of the balloon for the FAA to track the balloons in the air and for the ground station to track the payloads.

In addition to the team working on the common payload, student teams at 4 COSGC institutions will also fly payloads on the flight string during the eclipse: Arapahoe Community College, Community College of Aurora, Red Rocks Community College and University of Northern Colorado.  Students at each of these institutions are currently designing, building, and testing payloads that will complete various scientific experiments and engineering demonstrations.

Launch will be provided by Edge of Space Sciences and will take place in the path of totality at a controlled access launch site at Camp Guernsey, Wyoming.


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