The Colorado Space Grant Consortium (COSGC) has an established set of successful student hands-on programs operating at its 17 affiliate institutions in Colorado. With so much going on in the state, it only makes sense that COSGC expand its body of knowledge on the National level. The programs listed below are seeking to meet this goal.  Each program's website can be accessed by clicking the program banner. Note: These programs are designed for post-secondary students and teachers.  While the programs/projects may be scalable for the K-12 classroom, workshop and program resources are aimed at post-secondary populations.

RockSatC Banner

RockSat-C is a program for students to design and build a sounding rocket payload, and launch the payload on a rocket out of Wallops Flight Facility. The RockSat-C program actively engages the students through full design-process mentoring, assistingthem through the design phase in the Fall semester (CoDR, PDR, CDR), and leading the teams throughtesting and integration reviews and Launch Readiness Review in the Spring.  The RSC manager alsohelps the teams with integration and launch at Wallops Flight Facility!


RockSatX Banner

The RockSat-X payload deck is a modular system based around decks designed for suborbital flights with Wallops Flight Facility’s (WFF) Sub-SEM ring assembly.


SHOT Banner

 Student Hands-On Training (SHOT) is workshop in which students get real-world experience building small payloads, which they then send up into the atmosphere on a high-altitude balloon.

 RockOn Banner

Rock On is a hands-on workshop where participants learn to build a small rocket payload and launch it on a sounding rocket at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility.


Balloon Workshop Banner

Students learn about real-world experiments and create their own simplified versions to send up to an altitude of 100,000 feet on a high-altitude balloon.


Eclipse Overview Banner

Colorado Space Grant is participating in the national Solar Eclipse Ballooning Project facilitated by Montana Space Grant.