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 RockSat-XN / G-CHASER launched on January 13, 2019 from Andenes, Norway


The RockSat-XN program is a new partnership with Wallops Flight Facility and Andoya Space Center designed to give students access to space at a new launch site as part of the Grand Challenge Initiative.  The Grand Challenge Initiative is comprised of seven internationally organized rockets launching out of Andoya Space Center and Svalbard in December 2018 and January 2019 in order to conduct research on cusp space physics.  One of these rockets is the G-CHASER student rocket, which will be run as part of a new RockSat program, called RockSat-XN (RockSat-X Norway).  The G-CHASER Rocket will launch in January 2019 out of Andoya Space Center in Norway. The RockSat-XN program started March/April 2017, when Intent to Fly Forms were due.  Please reference the User's Guide for more information about the program, including experiment design requirements and schedule.  The program is being run in the same way as a RockSat-X program, with some schedule and program changes (no ACS and no recovery), but with the same system of design reviews, test reviews, and integration and testing at Wallops Flight Facility.  Please click here for a flyer about G-CHASER and here for the organizers.  The RockSat-XN program is being managed by Chris Koehler from the Colorado Space Grant Consortium at the University of Colorado Boulder.  He may be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 303-492-4750.



The RockSat-XN payload deck is a modular system based around decks designed for suborbital flights with

NASA Wallops Flight Facility’s (WFF) and Andoya Space Center (ASC)



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