Robotics Challenge 2017 Recap


We had some amazing robots this year, including some of the most advanced over the event's 10 year history. Since some of the teams were not able to travel to the Dunes this year, I am showcasing some of the great videos of their designs and sharing two video summaries of the Saturday at the Dunes


Pictures from the Event

Pictures from Charlie Hakes

Pictures from Brian Sanders


Robot Profile Videos

Trinidad State Junior College - Introduction, Demonstration, Down the Ravine, Heading to the Beacon, Sand Driving

Pueblo Community College - Space Rat Holligan Jumpers

University of Northern Colorado - "Kevin"


Videos from the Dunes

Video of the Dunes by Bernadette Garcia Galvez

Video of the Dunes by Charlie Hakes


During the Colorado Space Grant Symposium Undergraduate Space Research Symposium, we recognized four amazing robots. This year we highlighted four unique designs that challenged mobility, navigation, and even optically identified a target specimen and returned it to the student team. All these robots are demonstrating the technology we will need as we travel to Mars and further explore our solar system.


Recognition Ceremony

Part 1 - Robotics Challenge Introduction

Part 2 - Continued Team Recognition

The Robotics Challenge Summary Slides (PDF)