Beacon Information

Light the beacon!!

Here is all the information you need to use the Robotics Challenge Beacon. 

A system based on the 2.4GHz XBee radios will be used for the Robotics Challenge. The beacon system is largely the same as in previous years.  However, be sure to upload the new transmitter and receiver code to make full use of the beacon system improvments.  Note: The suggest compass in the Beacon Transmitter is hard to find as the part is being phased out.  I have a few still if you need one.  A new suggested Beacon Transmitter compass has been provided with the code to make it all work.  

How to Build and Use the Beacon System

This document describes how to use the Beacon Receiver system, how to interface the Receiver to your robot and how to build your own Beacon Transmitter.  Additionally a diagnostic unit can be built to help confirm you system works as anticipated.Robotics Challenge Beacon Video.

Robotics Challenge Beacon Video

This Video provides some context as to how the Beacon System works and what you should expect. When building your robot, please make sure it can move first, then navigate with a simple obstical avoidance sensor system then impliment the Beacon Receiver system.  You want to make sure you can move at minimum first then build in complexity.