Technical Resources

For someone who has never touched robotics before, it can be intimidating getting started. That's why we included these links for anyone who is curiuos or if you would like a robotics refresher! 

General Robotics Resources

Great starting point for understanding different aspects of circuits and the practical fundamentals of electrical systems.


Motion - Types of Locomotion

Angular Motion

Linear Motion - Sliders

Transfer of Motion - Gears, Pulleys, Chains

Precision Motion

Tread Wheels and Legs Differential Drive




Motors Introduction to DC, Stepper, and Brushless Motors

DC motors

Introduction to DC, Servo, and Stepper Motors

H Bridges for Motor Control

Choosing a Motor

Mechanical Structure: Body Frame Types - Discussion of Potential Material

Information on Various Materials

Open Sealed etc. Sensor Robotic Sensing

Types of Robot Sensors


Color Sensors




Power Systems

Power Systems

Battery Robotics - general information on batteries

Solar Panels, Fuel Cells - Chemical Energy in general


Software Basics

Programming introduction using BasicX

Introduction to programming loops and conditions

Programming introduction using Arduino

Part 1:

Part 2:

Sensor Specific Code - Artificial Intelligence Learning

Other Introduction to Basic Hand and Power Tools

Specialty Tools

Explanations of robot dynamics




Notes on Demonstration, Evaluation, Development, and Production

Good Microcontroller Video!

Redboard vs Arduino Uno

Various Microcontrollers Commonly Used for Robotics


General Websites to Explore