Space Grant Robotics Workshop 2020

In the past, Colorado Space Grant has offered workshops at the CU Boulder office at the beginning of the year for students to be familiar with Arduino, electronics, and other robotics related material. Due to classic Colorado weather and an inconvenient commute for some teams, we're going online!

We're currently beta-testing a set of videos students put together last year:

Video 1:  Intro to Arduino

Video 2:  Intro to Soldering (Assumes you are starting with a un-soldered motor shield, and uses that as the soldering lesson.)

 Video 3:  Blinking LEDs

Video 4:  Integrating a Sensor: Potentiometer

Video 5: IR Sensor & Compass

Video 6:  More Robotics Programming

the videos assume that you have the following materials: 1) The "COSGC basic robot" from SparkFun. Ask your faculty advisor if they already have an available basic robot before you order! Here's a link to the materials list at SparkFun:

You must have the Arduino IDE installed on your PC or Mac. Instructions for Loading Arduino on your computer.

To follow along with the online videos, download this zip package that contains the slides plus Arduino code used in the workshop: Download the Zip Package