Welcome to the RockOn 2021 Zoom Recordings Page.

Here you can find links to the Zoom Meetings held throughout the RockOn 2021 Workshop.  The link to live activities has been emailed to the participants.

Meeting Date Recording Link
04/16/2021 Kickoff Meeting
06/07/2021 Selection of Flight Decks
06/10/2021 Canister Integration Boulder, Colorado
06/18/2021 Friday AM Update and F-10 Tour
06/18/2021 Friday AM Integration Stream Part 1
06/18/2021 Friday PM Update and Mission Manager
 06/18/2021 Friday PM Integration Stream Part 2
06/18/2021 Friday Late PM Update & Team Interviews
06/18/2021 Friday Late PM Balance Testing
06/18/2021 Friday Late PM Vibration Testing
06/21/2021 Friday AM Update
06/21/2021 Prep for RockOn Integration Part 1
 06/21/2021 Prep for RockOn Integration Part 2
06/21/2021 Friday Pre-Lunch Update
06/21/2021 RockOn Integration
06/21/2021 Monday Buildup Part 5
06/21/2021 Monday Late PM Update
06/23/2021 WED AM Update
06/23/2021 NASA Presentation
06/23/2021 Wednesday Late PM Update
06/24/2021 RockSat-C and X Overview
06/24/2021 THU Pre Lunch Update
06/23/2021 Pad Pictures and Tour
06/23/2021 NASA Weather Briefing
06/24/2021 Pre-Launch
06/24/2021 Launch
06/24/2021 Post-Launch Mission Briefing with NASA
06/24/2021 Meeting the recovery boat
06/24/2021 De-integration of Rocket at NASA
06/24/2021 De-integration of Canisters
06/24/2021 Chris eating celebration ice-cream
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