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2008 Post Workshop Movie


You can download a copy of the Workshop Celebration Movie that was shown on Friday night.  You can order a DVD copy of this by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to the following address:  RockOn DVD Request.  To watch the movie, you may need to download free DiVX player.  See link below.  Smaller file size than MPEG-1 but much better quality.  Not as good as DVD but not to bad.  You will be impressed.  You may need to download the player but this is very simple and very safe.  Some versions of Windows Media Player will play the DiVX format.  If not download the file by clicking the link below.  For those who are timid about installing stuff like this click the info link to learn more.  The movie files are still big so be patient.

RockOn! Movie Part I (127 MB)

RockOn! Movie Part II (62 MB)

RockOn! Movie Part III (114 MB)

DiVX Information DiVX Player Software (Free)

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