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The RockOn workshop is designed to be the next step beyond the Boulder BalloonSat and Ballooning Workshops.  The RockOn workshop will be similar in concept to the the Boulder workshops in that teams will learn through hands-on activities, how to build a sounding rocket payload or RocketSat.  Teams of 3 will build their RocketSat from a kit in three days and launch it on sounding rocket to 50 to 60 km the next day.  The hardware in the kit will be able to be used on future RocketSat and possibly CubeSat flights.  Wallops will be providing the rocket and launch operations of the workshop.  Wallops will also provide tours and briefings on sounding rocket environments for future flights.  They will also present their concept for standardized flight opportunities for future experiments.  This workshop is not about building or learning to build rockets.  It is about building and learning to build sounding rocket payloads.  This workshop is being organized by the Colorado and the Virginia Space Grant Consortium.  RockOn is being significantly funded by a grant from NASA Education and significant cost sharing from Wallops and the Colorado and Virginia Space Grant programs.

More info on the RocketSat kit and payload specs will be posted soon.  Preliminary info on the Colorado RocketSat program that has flown three times can also be downloaded below.   The proposal written to NASA Education can be downloaded below.

HQ Proposal RocketSat II Overview RocketSat II Structures RocketSat II Data

RocketSat III Data

MIC Presentation (12.5 MB)

MIC Presentation Compressed (0.8 MB)

    Student Video D.C. (44 MB)

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