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From left to right: Steven Metallo, Kevin Lubick, Eric Ireland, Alec Powers, and Steven Mathe

Team Presentations and Final Report

Mission: The goal of the Carthage College 2013 team is to test the ability of an experimental modal analysis (EMA) technique to measure the volume of a settled, non-sloshing propellant simulant under microgravity conditions

Team Member Bios

Steven Mathe - Senior Chemistry Major

Steven is actively involved in the Carthage Chemistry Club, is a Chemistry Department Service Fellow, and is a member of the Carthage Varsity Men’s Swimming team.  His interests include NASA history, video games, and spending time working with friends on projects like this one.  After graduation, he hopes to attend graduate school for explosives engineering to pursue a career related to rocket fuels or aerospace pyrotechnics.

Kevin Lubick - Senior Computer Science Major

When Kevin is not arduously doing his computer homework, he is usually tinkering with said computer, playing the saxophone in the Carthage Pep Band or discussing some book he just read with friends. Kevin hopes to graduate in the Spring and pursue higher education in Computer Engineering.

Steven Metallo - Junior Mathematics and Physics Double Major

Steven is also interested in computer science. His hobbies are reading, running, and homework. He would like to go to graduate school, but does not know the field he wishes to pursue. After graduate school, he wishes to pursue a career in research and teaching.

Eric Ireland - Sophomore Physics and Mathematics Double Major

Eric is currently involved in the Society of Physics Students, the Carthage Bowling Club, and working at McDonald’s.  His hobbies include riding his bicycle, exercising, and relaxing with friends.  He hopes to attend graduate school and continue studying physics, but he does not yet know what career to pursue.

Alexander Powers - Sophomore Mathematics and Computer Science Double Major

Alec enjoys taking on problems others consider to be difficult and attempting to solve then in innovative ways.  His other hobbies include video games, playing around with technology, and a great deal of reading (academic and science fiction).  After Carthage, Alec intends to pursue a higher degree in Combinatorics or enter the workforce as an actuary.

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