Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


From left to right: Molly Stagnitti, Anthony Pritchard, Kriszelda Menez

Team Presentations

Mission: The goal of the ERAU 2013 team is to develop a UV-detecting photometer for future use on CubeSats and test it on a sounding rocket flight.  The sensor will have an off-axis parabolic mirror and pulse amplifying system.

Team Member Bios

Molly Stagnitti

* Year:  Senior

* Major:  Engineering Physics;  minors in Astronomy and Applied Mathematics

* Interests: My current interests include space and intelligent programs, astronomy, astrophysics, space exploration, propulsion, space systems engineering, design, development, testing, and manufacturing of spaceflight hardware, and launch operations.

* Future Goals: I plan on pursuing my Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and my PhD. My goal is to work for a great aerospace company and pursue my passion in the industry.

Anthony Pritchard

* Year: Senior

* Major: Accelerated Master’s in Engineering Physics; minor in Applied Mathematics

* Interests: I have strong interests in the theoretical and cosmological physics regimes. I also enjoy analytical mathematics.

* Future Goals: I plan to pursue a career consisting of independent space physics research.

Kriszelda Menez

* Year: Senior

* Major: Engineering Physics; minor in Applied Mathematics

* Interests:  My interests include space systems engineering, space exploration, spaceflight dynamics, physics, mathematics, and designing space hardware.

* Future Goals:  I plan on pursuing a career in rocket design for an aerospace company.

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