Miami University of Ohio: High Flight


From left to right: Desmond Dixon, Elizabeth Beumel, Niki Fisher, Joey Banks, Bob Setlock

Team Presentation and Final Report

Mission: The goal of the project is to test a novel drug delivery mechanism to compare performance in a space flight environment against a normal terrestrial environment.

The team has their own awesome website, and there are other supporting members and their info can be found here:

 Team Members

Desmond Dixon is a sophomore Chemical Engineering major from Dayton, Ohio. After graduation, he looks forward to acquiring a Masters in Business Administrations, coaching youth sports, and getting involved with community development.

Elizabeth Beumel is a sophomore Chemical Engineering major from Washington DC.  She has a concentration in Environmental Engineering and is planning on one day working with renewable and sustainable energy sources, and making them more available and affordable.  Her short term goals after graduation are still undecided, but probably to get work experience and potentially pursue a masters or doctorate.

Niki Fisher is a sophomore Engineering Management major at Miami University.  She is very interested in traveling and hopes to travel to every continent someday. Her hobbies include snowboarding, wakeboarding, dirtbiking, and tennis. In the future, she hopes to discover a career that allows her to always continue to grow and learn.

Joey Banks is a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Columbus, Ohio.  Beginning at an early age, he developed a very strong interest in the aerospace industry and is looking to pursue a career in the field.  After graduation, he hopes to either enter the work force or earn his master's degree.

Bob Setlock is an instructor in the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department at Miami University.  Before joining Miami, he had an engineering career that spanned over twenty years.  He is a grandfather now and enjoys teaching quite a bit.

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