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Team Presentations and Final Report

Mission: The goal of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln payload is to measure the effects of gravity on interaction of flow fields and electrical fields, on electrically driven film boiling, and validate an EHD pump design for Goddard Space Flight Center.


Team Members

Mirzojamshed Mirzokarimov

+ Year: Senior

+ Major: Electrical Engineering w/ emphasis on Electronics and Control Systems; Minor on Physics

+ Interests: My current interests lie in controls systems engineering, autonomy and robotics, physics and computer hardware design.

+ Future Goals: I plan on pursuing my Graduate Degree in Aerospace and Aeronautics Engineering as well as a career in space flight hardware design for an aerospace company.


Eric Fritz

+ Year: Senior

+ Major: Mechanical Engineering; Minor in Mathematics

+ Interests: Robotics, Fluid Mechanics, Optics

+ Future Goals: I intend to pursue a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on planetary or medical robotics


Charlie Sullivan

+ Year: Junior

+ Major: Mechanical Engineering

+ Interests: Structure, Manufacturing, 3-D Printing

+ Future Goals: I intend on graduate school, although my focus has not been decided. I would like to get involved in the three dimensional printing industry.


Bethany Drain

+ Year: Senior

+ Major: Mechanical Engineering

+ Interests: Fluid Dynamics

+ Future Goals: I plan on pursing a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering specializing in Fluid Dynamics. My career goal is to conduct experimental fluid dynamics research for academia or elsewhere.


Paul Kubitschek

+ Year: Junior

+ Major: Computer Engineering

+ Interest: Spaceflight Computer Hardware

+ Future Goals: I hope to go into the aerospace field with a computer engineering degree.


Alex Wilke

+ Year: Junior

+ Major: Computer Engineering

+ Interests: Programming, Embedded Systems, Digital Logic

+ Future Goals: After completing my bachelor's degree, I plan to pursue a career in embedded systems software development.


Avery Quandt

+ Year: Sophomore

+ Major: Computer Engineering

+ Interests: Embedded Systems, Telecommunications, Delay-tolerant Networking

+ Future Goals: After completing my bachelor's degree, I plan to work in the telecommunication industry. I hope to work on satellite or interplanetary internet research and implementation.


Matthew K. Mahlin

+ Year: Graduate Student

+ Major: Masters in Mechanical and Material Engineering

+ Interests: Currently, I am interested in Team Building, Rocket Propulsion, and Nano Composite Materials and applications in aerospace.

+ Future Goals: My intent is to complete my Masters Degree by 2014 and move on to work at NASA conducting material or propulsion research.


Troy Sporcic Jr

+ Year: Senior

+ Major: Mechanical Engineering

+ Interests: Dynamics and control systems, Thermodynamics

+ Future Goals: After graduating, I plan on perusing a career in engineering with a focus on aerospace and aeronautics.


Bryan Kubitschek

+ Year: Junior

+ Major: Civil Engineering

+ Interests: Structural analysis and design in stresses and strains.

+ Future Goals: Get a Masters degree in Architectural Engineering with an emphasis in Structural engineering. I plan on working anywhere from small structural systems at NASA to designing high-rise complexes at HOK.

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