Stevens Institute of Technology (New Jersey Space Grant)


Team Presentations and Final Report

Mission: To gather data for use in future space flight and to create designs for a cost effective fiber optic gyroscope.

Team Members

Mark Siembab

Six years hands on experience with pneumatic systems.  One year experience with amateur electronics and production circuit board assembly.  Currently working toward a BE in mechanical engineering.

- Hobbies: Firearms, radio controlled models

- Interests: Defense technology

Ethan Hayon

I was born in New Jersey. I currently attend Stevens Institute of Technology pursuing a BS in Computer Science with a potential minor in mathematics. I have been interested in embedded systems for the past 5 years. I began prototyping Atmel microcontroller boards on solderless breadboards. Eventually I manually manufactured PCB's to house the design. I plan to become involved in autonomous vehicles in the near future with the construction of a hexacopter aerial vehicle.

- Hobbies: Web Programming, Embedded Systems Software Development, Autonomous Vehicles

- Interests: Space, Technology, Software Development, Embedded Systems

Mike Giglia

Born in Brooklyn, NY; raised on Staten Island.  Attending Stevens Institute of Technology pursuing a BE in Mechanical Engineering.  Been doing some car modifications over the years as my hobby.  Also have recently gotten into electronic circuits.  I love to play music, I've been playing for about 9 years and it has formed a lot of my life and how I perceive the world.  I've been a drummer in a few local bands in my years through High School up to now.  I dream to create simpler and more efficient ways to achieve what many mechanical-electrical devices do today.

- Hobbies: Car Performance Modifications, Writing Music, Learning Interesting Topics

- Interests: Music, Racing, DIY projects

Andrew Deutchman

I was born and raised in New Jersey.  I am currently attending Stevens as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co-Op student.  My love of Legos, taking apart electronics, and working on cars lead to my love for engineering.  I am interested in the fields of automotive design and aerospace.  My free time is usually spent hanging out with friends, playing video games, working on car engines, and spending time outside

- Hobbies: R/C Airplanes/Rockets, Cars, Electronics, Firearms/Shooting Sports, Legos, Camping

- Interests: Weapon Design, Automotive Design, Aerospace

Jason Robbins

I was born and raised in New Jersey. I am currently attending Stevens Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering. I have a passion for chemistry, and hope to design and develop pharmaceuticals after graduation.

- Hobbies: Spending time with friends, DIY projects, target sports

- Interests: Lasers, Chemistry, Weapons

Patrick MacLane

Born and raised in New Jersey. Currently attending Stevens Institute of Technology, working towards a BE in Engineering Management and ME in Systems Engineering. I've had a strong interest in information technology since a young age, particularly in the facets of electronics, website development, and systems administration. I've owned and operated a website development company for over 7 years and enjoy keeping up with the latest developments in web programming techniques as well as website design trends. I've also operated a mobile DJ company for 8 years and enjoy building, upgrading, and "tinkering" with the electronic components of amplification and sound reinforcement equipment.

- Hobbies: Web design, music production, Djing, hiking, camping, reading

- Interests: Electronics, music, movies

Thomas DeGirolamo

I was born on Long Island, NY. The majority of my time through high school was spent playing sports and beginning to find an interest in electronics and technology.  For the past three years I have worked during the summers for my father's business making custom boat canvases. Now I am currently working on a BE in Electrical Engineering.

- Hobbies: Sports, reading, learning about technology

- Interests: Automotive engines and technology, music, electronics

Anthony DeGirolamo

I was born in Mineola, New York and raised in Hicksville, New York.  I am currently attending Stevens Institute of Technology and aspiring to receive my Bachelor's of Engineering as a Mechanical Engineer.  I have had a great interest in engineering and technology for a long time, especially in automotive specialties.

- Hobbies: Chess, Jigsaw Puzzles, SolidWorks

- Interests: Alternative Energy, Petroleum Engineering, Theoretical Physics

Palash Mehta

I was born and brought up in Passaic NJ. I am currently a Coop Chemical Engineering 2/5 at Stevens Institute of Technology and hope to earn a Masters in Chemical Engineering in 2016.  From a fairly young age I have been building robots and have some experience in understanding the mechanics behind them. I have a passion for chemistry and my dream is to work for a very large energy company such as BP, Exxon Mobil, or Chevron. I would like to do research in the field of alternative energy. In my free time, I play chess and build jigsaw puzzles.

- Hobbies: Kenpo karate, finger-style guitar, SPS, speed reading

- Interests: Lasers, Quantum Computing, General Relativity

Jeremy Simoes

I have very minor experience in the Engineering discipline through my highschool engineering courses such as Innovation and Design, Principles of Engineering and Digital Electronics. I have always been fascinated by Aerspace and more specifically the transportation of structures and materials into space. I've always been interested in the design aspects of current structures in space. I enjoy creating conceptual designs and would hopefully gain some experience creating working prototypes and finished projects. I am currently working on the coneptual design for the NASA Space Settlement Project.

- Hobbies: Music, Cross Country, Sci-fi Concept Art, Conceptual Designs.

- Interests: Aerospace and more specifically Astronautics, Design and transportation of Space structures, Energy, Magnetism.

Professor Joseph S. Miles

Over 35 years corporate experience as a manager of both resources and projects with an International scope in the manufacturing and financial industries. Typical project areas included Information Technology, Finance, Environmental Health and Safety Applications and Human Resources.  Project Manager of software development projects in various disciplines with a $1.5 MM/year budget and management of five personnel at the Mobil Oil Corporation.  Prof. of Engineering Design Spine at Stevens Inst. of Technology for Design I, II, III, and IV.  Project Manager/Coordinator of New Jersey Space Grant Consortium.

- Hobbies: Gardening, Fishing

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