United States Naval Academy



Team Mission and Final Report

Mission: The goal of the United States Naval Academy payload is to reduce current shake requirements in order to minimize structural weight and mission costs, characterize a more realistic safety factor for shake tests, and incorporate variable strength material to accurately determine structural stress during a launch by intentionally inducing failure.

 Team Bios

Dillon Pierce

~ Major: Aerospace Engineering (Astro)

~ Interests: Backpacking, surfing, spearfishing

~ Future Goals: Marine Corps Officer


Michael Simpson

~ Major: Aerospace Engineering (Astro)

~ Interests: Hunting, working on his car, watching movies

~ Future Goals: Navy Pilot


Arthur Sakamoto

~ Major: Aerospace Engineering (Astro)

~ Interests: Revolutionary War reenactments, SolidWorks, Bare-knuckle boxing

~ Future Goals: Marine Corps Pilot

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