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  • This team has been given the task of successfully capturing and measuring multiple atmospheric sample of the Upper Stratosphere and Lower Mesosphere to determine the level of air quality associated with the presence of air pollutants in the ambient air
  • As a second objective, this team has taken on the task to verify the presence of organism in the Mesosphere 


Team Members

My name is Aara'L Yarber, and I am a sophomore physics major at Howard University. I have a strong interest for astrophysics, and I conducted research last summer with Dr. Aaron Evans on Starburst galaxy mergers. In addition to my research, I am working with Dr. Prabhakar Misra on a microgravity project and will be attending NASA's Flight Week in November to test our experiment on a reduced gravity "Vomit Comet." In addition to my love for science, I also travele to neighboring high schools and teaching ninth graders about drug abuse. My ultimate aspiration is to become an astronaut and to serve the youth around the the world. 

My name is Ajamu Abdullah, I am a senior Physics major from Willimantic CT. I am aspiring to become an astronomer or to add knowledge to a space related field.

My name is Joshua Brown and I am a senior mechanical engineer from Groton, Connecticut. My ultimate goal is to work with bringing new forms of alternative energy to the forefront. I am excited to be working with RockSat and to be challenged in taking on something new.

My name is Simona Jones and I am a freshman physic major from Durham NC. I am apart of the Howard Orchestra, and I also dance in my spare time. I plan on become an astronomer and hope that this project can help me take steps in the right path.

Daril Brown is a graduating Senior Mechanical Engineering Major from Keller, Texas. After graduating he plans to go to graduate school majoring in Bioengineering. He is interested in the application of Brain to Computer interfaces to improve the quality of life for those with neurodegenerative diseases and those who have amputated limbs.
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