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The goal of Mitchell Community College’s aerospace engineering and technology team is to educate and prepare students for careers based in science, technology, engineering, or math related occupations. Through contextual hands-on research and development activities, individuals will develop skills leading to improved opportunities for success in the workforce.


Our mission is to successfully design a gravity gradient boom and deployment system that will passively deploy at apogee; while concurrently relaying signals/images to and from the payload through the use of short wave communications.


Team Members

Austin Kindred - Class of 2015 Mechanical Engineering Tech transfer to 4 year school

Jenna Sigmon - Class of 2015 Associates Engineering – Transfer to 4 year, Major in Medical Engineering, Pursue PhD. and M.D.  dual degree program. Biomedical Engineering applications

Lewis LaBrie - Mechanical engineering technology- Transfer to 4 year university Major in Mechanical Engineering Technology minor in physics.  Research and development

Daniel Leith - Class of 2014 Associates Engineering Technologies- Research and development, Custom Gunsmithing Apprentice

Jerry DeHart – Class 2014 Associates Electronics Engineering Technology – Electronic research and development

Noah Weiss - Class 2015 Associates Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Associates in Science -Would like to design, fabricate, and prototype

Layton Hall - Class 2014 Associates in Science-Transfer to UNCC and begin a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering

Grover Jarvis - Mechanical Engineering Technology, 2015, 3D Modeling and Design, to use this knowledge in moving from shop floor to a design oriented position.

Brandy Wize – May 2014 graduate of Mitchell Community College with an Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering technology. Pursue bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from UNC Charlotte

Marcus Sells - class 2014 Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Possible Bachelor’s degree Mechanical Engineering Technology or industrial position

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