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Primary Mission:
  – To collect samples of the troposphere, stratosphere, and stratopause during the flight of the sounding rocket in order to have them analyzed for greenhouse gasses.
Secondary Mission:  
  – To improve upon previous design concepts; Specifically: pressure systems, data acquisition, and internal circuitry. 

Team Members

Zack Smith, Junior, Electrical Engineering.
  – Interests: Cooking, Politics, Reading, Programming, Gaming
  – Future Goals: I hope to get a career in the field of digital electronics, signal processing, or control systems
Jacob Simon, Junior, Electrical Engineering.
  – Interests: Farming, Music, Philosophy, Math
  – Future Goals: Get a career in robotics and buy a farm.
Taylor Million, Junior, Electrical Engineering with Computer Engineering Concentration.
  – Interests: Classical Ballet, Programming, Electronics, Drawing, Art, Mathematics
  – Future Goals: Work in a role that facilitates innovation in electrical/computer engineering
Boris Borovikov, Junior, Mechanical Engineering.
  – Interests: Cooking (ex-chef), fishing, reading how-things-work, music
  – Future Goals: To design and manufacture industrial or commercial machinery
Kyle Brown, Junior, Mechanical Engineering.
  – Interests: Ice Hockey, Motorsports, Design, and Traveling
  – Future Goals: To design and engineer new components for motorsports
Jessica Breiner, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
  – Interests: Baking, DIY Projects, Reading, Traveling
  – Future Goals: To be an engineer in Germany or an Imagineer for Disney.
Chelsea Brown, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
  – Interests: Reading, Spending time with my son, Rugby, and Church
  – Future Goals: Playing collegiate sports again, Working as a Systems Engineer at Exelon
Advisors: John Helferty and Shriram Pillapakkam
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