RockSat-C 2018 Registration and Security Badging

June 14 - 22*, 2018

Register by May 11, 2018

Security Forms Returned by May 18, 2018

As part of your Launch Fee for RockSat 2018, each participating team will be provided 4 all-access passes. These passes include meals, t-shirt, and launch access. Schools can send additional participants to the integration and launch for free. If food and t-shirts are desired for these additional participants, there will be an extra charge ($150-200 per person). EACH school must register ALL participants by May 11, 2018 for security reasons, badging, and to determine amount of food needed. Please complete registration form below. You will receive additional details along with your security paperwork within 3 days of registering. We are using the Refuge Inn as our home base for all operations related to RockSat, and it is the hotel we have contracted with for our group. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE A U.S. PERSON**.

*Launch day is scheduled for June 21, 2018 but the back-up date is June 22, 2018. Please plan accordingly.

**U.S. federal law defines a U.S. Person as: a citizen of the United States or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence [aka, holds a valid green card]

Registration is now closed. Please contact Audrey for questions.

***LINKS TO IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS (Will open in new tab)***

Week of Launch Schedule

Check-In Procedure



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