This schedule provides the dates for all deliverables and important deadlines for the 2012 RockSat-X program. This schedule is subject to change, and the last update was made: 19 Aug 2012. The schedule is currently tentative. Questions can be directed to Shawn Carroll at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


RockSat-X 2011 Schedule



08/19/2011 RockSat Payload User’s Guide Released
09/09/2011 Submit Notice of Intent (NOI)
09/14/2011 Initial Down Selections Made
10/4/2011 Conceptual Design Review (CoDR) Due
10/5/2011 Conceptual Design Review (CoDR) Teleconference
10/21/2011 Online Progress Report 1 Due
10/27/2011 Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Due
Following Week Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Teleconference
11/11/2011 Online Progress Report 2 Due
11/18/2011 Earnest Deposit of $2,000 Due
11/29/2011 Critical Design Review (CDR) Due
11/30/2011 Critical Design Review (CDR) Teleconference
12/7/2011 Post CDR Action Item Generation
1/16/2012 Final Down Select—Flights Awarded
01-24-2012 Wallops DR
1/25/2012 Post CDR Action Item Review
2/3/2012 First Installment Due
2/17/2012 Online Progress Report 3 Due
2/21/2012 Individual Subsystem Testing Reports Due
2/22/2012 Individual Subsystem Testing Reports Teleconference
3/16/2012 Online Progress Report 4 Due
3/20/2012 Payload Subsystem Integration and Testing Report Due
3/21/2012 Payload Subsystem Integration and Testing Report Teleconference
Apr-12 RockSat Payload Decks Sent To Customers (Pending Completion)
4/6/2012 Final Installment Due
4/17/2012 First DITL Test Report Due
4/18/2012 DITL 1 Teleconferences
4/27/2012 Online Progress Report 5 Due
5/2/2012 Weekly Teleconference 1
5/9/2012 Weekly Teleconference 2
5/15/2012 Second DITL Test Report Due
5/16/2012 Weekly Teleconference 3 (2nd DITL Presentations)
5/23/2012 Weekly Teleconference 4
5/30/2012 Weekly Teleconference 5 (Travel Logistics)
6/5/2012 Launch Readiness Review 1 (LRR) Due
6/8/2012 Launch Readiness Review 1 (LRR) with Wallops
06/19/2012 GSE Checkouts At Refuge

06/20 - 26/2012    

Testing and Environmental With Wallops
07/18/2012 Final LRR Due + Presentations
08/02/2012 GSE Checkouts at Refuge



Final Integration
08/09/2012 Launch!
08/10/2012 Contingency Launch



Indicates milestones completed

Indicates milestones with new due dates

Indicates milestones with deliverables

additions/revisions by Chris Koehler

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