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Team Bios:

Maurice Woods: A senior physics major, Maurice Woods is particularly interested in astronomy and astro-physics. Being the coolest member of the group, Maurice donates his time rescuing babies from burning buildings and volunteering at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. When he’s not spending his time working hard on Rocket SAT (of which he has been involved in three projects, to date), he can be found pestering his project manager, Rob. Maurice has recently been working on his senior thesis, where he plans to collect data concerning spectral changes of a binary star system during a binary star eclipse.


Rob Shiely: Super-Senior physics major with an emphasis in engineering, Rob is heading the design effort of the RAPTR SAT-X project. This will be Rob’s second RockSat-X project and he hopes to improve upon the physical design of last year’s payload so the project will be a greater success. Rob consistently puts up with pestering from team-mates, and does a fantastic job not criticizing. A borderline super-hero, Rob often saves the world from imminent danger though he cannot speak of the fine details due to a contract with the president. He has an uncanny resemblance to Seth Rogen.


Jordan Aken: A hammer-head shark who also doubles as a Senior physics major with an engineering emphasis, Jordan provides the team with endless laughter with his flips and splashes. While not quite as cool as Maurice, Jordan likes playing hopscotch with the rest of the team because he always wins. He is known for providing the random tangent in any conversation, usually ending in awkward silence . Jordan is the advisor for UNC’s Demosat team and is finishing up his senior research with high-speed optics to investigate time dependent stress patterns using birefringence and cross polarization of light. Jordan provides the RAPTR-X team with comic relief as well as being the senior testing engineer.



Aaron Adamson: A physics major with a background in computers and robotics, Aaron is first and foremost proud of his unmatched physique, which he often exploits to make the other team members feel inadequate about their portly, flabby bodies. He is involved with music and photography in his free time, and hopes to teach physics and engineering focused courses in a high school when he graduates. He’ll be heading up UNC’s Rover Challenge effort this year, and contributing in software and testing on the RAPTR project.


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