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Mission Objective:

Develop a probe deployment system that launches a standardized platform electronics and a reaction wheel Attitude Control System on-board a probe.


Team Bios:

Alex Antonacci: is a new member of the RockSat-X team working towards his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. His interests lie within the fields of Semiconductor Systems and Materials Science. Alex will be utilizing these specific fields to establish power output, power sustainability, and payload stability during the reentry stage. During time of leisure, Alex enjoys hunting, fishing, reading, and studying. He is looking forward to studying and analyzing the materialistic behavior of the rocket system in the extreme environment of outer space.


Andrew Hellquist: is a junior studying mechanical engineering at UW. His interests in the engineering field include aerospace and fluid mechanics. In another life he would have went to school for astrophysics. His dream job would be to work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Hobbies include astronomy, soccer, video games, and yelling at the television. He hopes to use the RockSat-X experience as a stepping stone into the aerospace industry.


Eric Robinson: Eric Robinson in a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering and senior participant in the RockSat-X program. Eric is one of the engineering advisors on the mechanical design for the University of Wyoming’s RockSat-X payload. When time frees up, he enjoys movies, playing pool, biking, snowboarding and shootings womprats in his T16.


Joe Backstrom: is a Physics and Math double major and a new member to the RockSat-X team. He is interested in Thermodynamics, Newtonian Mechanics, and teaching. Excited to be on the team, he plans on contributing to the overall mission in every way possible. During his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing, attending UW football games, and river rafting. His dream job would be teaching high school Physics so that he could shape minds for nine months and then enjoy nature for the other three months.


Jonathan Melton: is a junior studying mechanical engineering at the University of Wyoming. His main interests lie in the study of plasma and its possible applications both on Earth and in space. He has long dreamed of rocketry and spacecraft, and is extremely excited to be working on a project in conjunction with NASA.


Marshall Moore: is currently a senior in UW’s Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Sciences program. This is his first year working on the RockSat-X program and is also using the opportunity to design hardware for his engineering senior design project. He has high hopes of improving past electrical components so that the electrical system can be standardized and reused for years to come. Some of Marshall’s hobbies include hunting, fishing and camping.


Michael Stephens: is finishing up a Masters in Electrical Engineering at the University of Wyoming. Michael is back for his second RockSat-X project. Michael will be serving as a student advisor and helping out with the electrical portions of the mission. He is eager to face the new challenges for 2012 Rocksat. In his free time Michael enjoys building fun stuff with Arduinos.


Tal Wammen: is a Junior Civil/Structural Engineering student at the University of Wyoming. Along with his schooling, he also has been working for NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama every other semester since 2009. This is his first time working with the Rocksat-X group, and he plans on utilizing his knowledge in structural analysis and systems engineering throughout the planning, design, and manufacturing of the project. In his free time, Tal enjoys hunting, fishing, and flying his Piper Super Cub airplane.



Design Reviews




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